40 Perfect Peony Wedding Bouquets

40 Perfect Peony Wedding Bouquets

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Fun fact: The peony is Duchess Meghan Markle's favorite flower! And they're currently in season for all you spring brides!

With peak peony season beginning in early spring and extending through late June, there's no shortage of gorgeous wedding flowers for your bridal bouquet. Despite the relatively small window of budget-friendly growing time, brides clamor for this quintessential wedding flower all year-round. And can you really blame them? With the fluffy blooms available in white, cream, yellow, and varying shades of pink and red, peonies are the perfect addition to all bridal bouquets.

Whether you're hosting a ballroom bash, an outdoor rustic celebration, or a city-chic affair, peonies complement every type of wedding. For a classic style, pair these beauties with similar traditional flowers such as roses, and for something more modern, add unexpected blooms like wildflowers or King Protea for a different vibe.

Also, remember that pretty peony bouquets can be created to accommodate any budget: You can splurge on an arrangement that's strictly peonies, and at the same time, you can save big by using the popular blossom as an accent flower within an arrangement filled with more affordable blooms. Another budget-friendly idea? Consider carrying a posy down the aisle rather than a traditional bouquet - since peonies are so voluminous, fewer stems still make a serious impact.

We rounded up 40 stunning peony bouquets, from all-white blooms to colorful coral, pink, red, and plum hues-with a few colors in between-for brides of every style. Make like Meghan and fall in love with the peony!

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Allison Kuhn Photography

Soft roses and peonies create a pastel palette for purple buds to pop against.

Dyan Kethley

Classic pink peonies are always a romantic choice.

Meg Sexton

Colorful, bright peonies make for the perfect combination for a summertime bouquet.

Grey Lily Photography

We're totally swooning over these huge, coral peonies.

Jessica Tremp

Who knew peonies could take on such a sultry vibe? We're all about these seductive purple and burgundy hues.

Ferri Photography

When your bouquet matches your wedding dress, your bridal style is so on point.

Laura Hotz

White and orange create an unexpected color combination-one we love for a rustic take on an autumn wedding.

Jason Mark Harris

These peonies get a bohemian spin paired with wildflowers and cascading ferns.

Erin Wheat Photography

This peony bouquet is pretty in pink.

Shannon Yau Photography

White and peach peonies are pure romance.

Janice Morgan

Minimal blooms and maximal greens create an unexpected look we can't get enough of. We're especially loving the sporadic pops of orange against the statement white peonies.

Erin Wilson Photography

This bouquet is nothing but a springtime dream. It was just the right complement to this bride's mountainside wedding.

Priscilla Valentina Photography

This stunning beauty of a bouquet was crafted by the bride herself, who picked up flowers in San Francisco before heading to her intimate wedding in Yosemite. We love how she combined peonies with various other flowers!

Foot Candles Photography

Big, bold, and beautiful, this vibrant peony bouquet has it all.

Daniel Kim Photography

Muted, neutral peonies have an air of sophisticated whimsy.

The Stewarts Roam Photography

White peonies surrounded by leaves and buds have an understated beauty.

Wild Souls Studio

A tropical twist! All you need for some island flair is orange and coral peonies with palm and palmetto leaves.

Danish Island Weddings

We can see why purple is the color of royalty-this plum bouquet is all majestic, from wisteria accents to lavender peonies.

Julia Harmsen Photography

Pair your peonies with king protea blooms for a desert-inspired touch.

Chelle Wootten

This bouquet has a bit of forest beauty with husky colors and wild ferns.

Photo by Dan Kethley

You can't get much more classic than a bouquet of red and white peonies and roses, and this one in particular gives a fresh take with eucalyptus and a horizontal arrangement.

Vanilla Photography

Sometimes, a minimalist touch is all a bouquet needs. Pale purple peonies are simple and beautiful, complete with a preppy vibe thanks to a striped bow.

Jenna McElroy

With yellow, pink, coral, and periwinkle tones, this is one happy bouquet.

Plum & Oak Photogrpahy

A playful bouquet brimming with all the colors under the sun is perfect for a Palm Springs-inspired wedding.

Through The Woods We Ran

Who knew what magic a few peonies, thistle, and eucalyptus could create!

Love Me Do Photography

We love some good jewel tones, and this peony bouquet gets them just right.

Brittany Lee Photography and Presh Floral

This berry-toned bouquet is totally giving us heart eyes.

The Love Studio

Lush and fabulous, this bouquet is serious wedding goals.

Lindsey Mueller Photography

Our hearts are aflutter over this feminine bouquet of eucalyptus and light peonies.

Purity Weddings

Seriously stunning! This bouquet is breathtaking thanks to its waterfall effect.

Alexandra Wallace

We love how this bride is keeping with the tradition of all white, even down to her peony bouquet.

Ode Studios

A one-color palette has just as much impact as a multi-color one when the peonies are so vibrant

Vienna Glenn

A single splash of red adds a deep note in a sunshiny bouquet.

Alexandra Wallace

We love how the peony bouquet in stark, crisp white blends seamlessly with this bride's dress.

Fig Tree Pictures

The bigger the better, right?! Especially when the blooms come in such vivacious colors.

Sophie Kaye Photography

Swoon. This gorgeous white and green bouquet is all kinds of chic.

Tara Whittaker and Flowers by Janie

Peonies, roses, and carnations combine for a fresh-from-the-garden-style bouquet.

Dyan Kethley

Talk about a centerpiece bloom! It's a straight-up show-stopper.

Rebecca Yale Photography and TOAST Santa Barbara

We're obsessing over the coral charm of this peony bouquet.

Lauren Wrigley Photography and Jocelyn's Floral

"Krinkled" white peonies are known for their snow colored petals and sunny center-they look gorgeous nestled among a bed of eucalyptus.


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