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25 Beautiful Hair Color Shades to Bring To Your Salon Appointment

25 Beautiful Hair Color Shades to Bring To Your Salon Appointment

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Midnight Black

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A pixie cut this cool demands a dramatic raven shade that borders jet black.

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Dark Ash Brown

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This isn't your average dark brown-the cool-toned hue serves up a high-impact effect.

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Espresso Brown

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A rich brown shade that's shiny to boot and royally stunning.

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Subtle Mid-Length Highlights

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This moody, dark color is juxtaposed with subtle highlights diffused through the ends for a warm finish.

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Chocolate Brown

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This versatile brown hue effortlessly compliments warm and neutral skin tones.

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Chestnut Brown

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A great blowout accentuates shine-especially a classic warm brunette shade like this one.

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Medium Brown

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Multi-tonal brown that goes from dark to sun-kissed never looked so good.

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Shimmering Brown

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Brighten up a brown hue with bronze highlights to play up hair's beautiful texture and shine.

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Honey Brown

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Really go for it and rock light brown locks with peeks of honey highlights.

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Bronde Ombre

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This summer is the perfect excuse to test the blonde waters with a brown-to-blonde ombre hue.

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Copper Red

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The slight gradient from deep cinnamon to bright copper is so vibrant and so, so beautiful.

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Go for bold with a dimensional ginger color that still looks natural.

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Warm Ginger

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Intensify strawberry blonde or naturally orange hair to achieve this vibrant shade of red.

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If you have light lashes and brows, a strawberry tint like this one is totally calling your name.

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Multi-tonal chunky blonde highlights against brunette roots can be striking, but when done right, look glamorous.

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Chestnut Blonde

Getty Images

A blend of bronze and blonde looks natural and compliments warm and cool undertones.

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Bronze Blonde

Getty Images

Warm up those golden strands with soft hints of caramel to perfect the bronze blonde.

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Sandy Blonde

Getty Images

With shine for days, this sun-kissed color looks effortlessly fresh.

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Amber Blonde

Getty Images

The slight amber tint puts a spin on classic golden locks.

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Champagne Blonde

Getty Images

Going for gold is all about perfecting the tone to ensure long-lasting brightness.

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Beachy Blonde

Getty Images

This quintessential blonde color gives off a fresh and youthful look.

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Bright Blonde

Getty Images

A golden base gets a modern update with bright baby lights and dark roots.

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Warm Platinum

Getty Images

This classic platinum hue is more creamy beige than it is silver, making it a practical shade for natural blondes looking to lighten up.

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Ash Blonde

Getty Images

With roots peeking through and shiny ends, this multidimensional color is ideal for cool skin tones.

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Platinum Blonde

Getty Images

Your complexion will be as radiant as ever with an icy blonde shade this bright.


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